Is your lawn ready for spring?

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Your lawn will first need to be de thatched. This term is used to address dead grass, leaves and other organic material that collects just above the soil line that has built up around your lawn. This will help create water to flow through into the soil easier and help keep shallow rooting from happening. There are several ways you can thatch your lawn either with a lawn rake or a dethatcher that either you can walk behind or pull with your lawn tractor. Once you are able to thatch the areas you will need to remove the thatched debris from the lawn. A great way to use this material is to dump into your compost or till into your garden to help with the nutrients. You may also have areas that are damaged either by traffic, plow or sand. You will need to address these issues also by removing any sand and then leveling out any wheel ruts and then over seeding.
Spring is also a great time to aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn will help with the compaction in your lawn and help with the roots in your lawn to breath. Its also a great opportunity to over seed to help get a thicker lawn and get your grass to grow in before any weeds may germinate. Grass seed is the first to germinate before any weeds do because it is a cool season crop. When aerating you should aerate in two different direction North to south and then East to West. There are several types of ways you can aerate using a plug aerator or even Lawn aerating sandals.

You may need to do a treatment of fertilize your lawn to help get the lawn going and any grass seed you may have over seeded. Remember not to over fertilize your lawn and read the instruction on the bag. I like to use a low amount of a Chemical application along with a organic treatment that will slowly release into the lawn. To me using a chemical fertilizer is like giving your lawn a steroid. Once you stop with the fertilizing the lawn won’t know what to do because it always relied on the feeding and didn’t train itself to search for nutrients in the soil. You’ll also find that your roots are shallow even if your lawn may look healthy from the top nice green and thick, but doesn’t mean it is deep rooted and thick underneath. Lawn is a like a child we must train it to be independent instead of a dependent child that near leaves home.

Happy Spring!!

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